Who's this? Wiksten-Made


I have been following Jenny Gordy's blog for a while, and think it's about time I posted something about her. Both Jenny's business model, and hand-made clothing line, were (and continue to be)a big inspiration for me. When I was debating whether or not I should go ahead form my own design studio, it was inspiring to see someone else who was passionate about their craft, committed to their idea, and is now consistently making things that other people love. Jenny's blog has an engaging mix of her own work, other's work, and tidbits from her life. Her clothing lines are beautiful, and it's been encouraging to identify with the ups and downs before the launch of a new line, then to see her stunning results in the final photo-shoot. I would encourage anyone to have a look at her blog and website, if you're looking for inspiration, or her catalogue and shop, if you're looking for nice clothes.


Wiksten-Made clothing featured on I Beast You.