Mustard and Acid Etsy Treasury


For those who don't know, an Etsy Treasury is an Etsy-user curated selection of things from other Etsy shops. The purpose is to highlight the good stuff, and help Etsy shoppers find amazing things and shops without having to do as much label sorting (treasuries usually have a guiding theme to them). Treasuries are also a way for the curator to generate traffic for their own shop and make connections with other Etsy seller. So, in my on-going effort to organize my blogging, I have decided to create one treasury a week and highlight the sellers I've featured here so that you guys can see some of the Etsy talents that I've admired for a while, and others I've discovered through the search.

Without further ado: Mustard and Acid Treasury.

Featuring works from: Corrieberry Pie, Skinny Laminx, Urban Design, Spark Box Studio, Dingbat Press, Monko Photography, Katie 4986, Ika Bags, Rusty Nut Studio, Deka Animals, Leather Design, Natalya's Studio, The Shutterbug Eye, Faithworks 4U, Sora Designs, and Roadside Photographs.

I Beast You's Mustard and Acid Treasury on Etsy.


24.9.10 Lisa said...

Becky!! For some reason my Google reader only told me about this particular update of your blog and none of the others ...and oh my gosh, I love your blog!

The over-educated existential crisis happens to all of us, over-educated scientists and over-educated artists alike. You and Paul should come to Berlin; I've been reading Wendell Berry and I want you to teach me how to grow food. :)

26.9.10 Becky Lane said...

Thanks Lisa, I would love to come to Berlin. I have more tomatoes than i know what to do with right now! You should read A Sand County Almanac, I think you would like it.