And The Winner Is...


Steph, of Craftoholic, was the winner of the owl beast and a copy of square2 magazine from the Marion House Book give-away. I'm a bit behind the 8-ball in posting this, but I really hope you enjoy your prize! Steph lives in California and operates a nice little craft blog (and is herself a talented crafter). Bunny trail: When I was 17 I took a road trip, with my two best friends, to California. We spent two months working at carnivals, meeting wonderful/strange people, sitting on beaches, and flirting with boys. When I found out that an owl was going to make its way out there, I felt a little nostalgic. I'm happy it's found a sunny home.


The Marion House Book giveaway winner from Craftoholic.

Images are from Craftoholic, the work itself is Steph's