Website Redesign and Blog Post Schedule


Finally, finally, I have finished what I think is a website design that I like. If you are a retailer interested in carrying I Beast You products, all product pages have been updated with wholesale pricing, and a terms and conditions contract is available for download in the "order" section of the site.

If you come just to read the blog, come as you are. kidding. You will (should?) be happy to know that I will be posting something new EVERY DAY. With this daunting (for me) task ahead, I want to be more organized with posting by developing regular features.The ones I have in mind so far are: "trailer life" (self-explanatory and "who's this?" (posts about cool crafters/artists/designers). I was also thinking of "pretty things". I'm up in the air with this one though, because so many people have amazing blogs dedicated to pretty things. I'm open to suggestions here. If you read my blog and have thought, "Becky mentioned x, I wish she would post more about that", let me know!

Becky Lane redesigning I Beast You's website and thinking about trailer life in Prince Edward County.


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